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* Roboguard is state of the art equipment and technology.

* The portable Headquaters ( basestation ) can monitor up to 8 sensors at

   once and will give both an audible and visual alert of exact sensor that is triggered

* The Headquaters has an internal rechargeable battery pack. The unit can

   operate directly off mains power and has a 24-hour back-up for portable use. The units

   have internal batteries wich have an approximate 3-year life span.

* The Headquaters monitors any tampering with the sensors, as well as battery levels.

* The Roboguard sensor is weatherproof , tamper-proof, robust and impervious to

   lightning and ultra-violet light damage.

* The basic kit includes a Headquaters and one sensor. Additional sensors, “guards “ can

   be added up to a maximum of 8.

Roboguard Outdoor Beams